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Vendaka Theeyal | Bhindi in Coconut Gravy Recipe | Kerala Style 0

Vendaka Theeyal | Bhindi in Coconut Gravy Recipe | Kerala Style

Vendaka Theeyal or Bhindu in Coconut Gravy recipe is a very famous Kerala style recipe. This is a delicious vegetarian dish prepared by using lady’s finger(Bhindi), roasted coconut paste and tamarind. This dish can...


How to STAY FIT on a Holiday?

Holiday times are those when you spoil yourself, indulging in every food that looks tempting. “On a holiday? Relax and don’t worry about the extra pounds that you gain, Not really!”. It’s almost inevitable...


Gajar Ka Halwa(Carrot Pudding)

Gajar Ka Halwa or carrot pudding is a traditional North Indian recipe and is very easy to prepare.  It is an Indian dessert prepared mostly during winters(as red long carrots are available in winters). You can prepare...


Chicken in Spinach Curry | Palak ka saag with chicken

Chicken in Spinach Curry is one of my families favourite and healthiest recipe. Sometimes you wonder, how to make a green leafy vegetable taste different, then this is a recipe you must try. I prepare this oil-free, you can...


Top 5 uses of Coconut Oil

I have a brown shell on the outside, I can be made into oils. You can crack me open but I am not an egg. What am I??? Coconut is what we are talking...

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