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Diet modification for acidity 0

Diet Modification on Acidity

The reason for acidity might be of not eating at frequent intervals. Hence first have a routine in the diet plan. Here are few tip that will help in acidity relief: Eat some healthy...

De sress your life 0

De-Stress Your Life

Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand. Stress is a normal part of life, the kep is to manage it well. Every type of demand pr stressor-such as exercise,...

chana dal and cucumber salad 0

Chana Dal And Cucumber Salad(Kosambari)- Healthy Snack Indian

Ingredients(Serves 3-4): 1/2 cup chana dal(150gms-soaked for 2 hrs) 1 cup of water 4 garlic cloves(finely chopped) 1 green chilli(finely chopped) 1/4 cup each of red, green and yellow bell peppers(small chopped) 1 cucumber(small...

Eat good for flawless skin 0

7 Fruits and Vegetables for Glowing Skin

Everyone at some point in their life has gone through some weird skin problems. I personally believe that beauty comes from within. It’s not about what you apply on your skin , but rather...

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