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Gajar Ka Halwa(Carrot Pudding)

Gajar Ka Halwa or carrot pudding is a traditional North Indian recipe and is very easy to prepare.  It is an Indian dessert prepared mostly during winters(as red long carrots are available in winters). You can prepare...


Top 5 uses of Coconut Oil

I have a brown shell on the outside, I can be made into oils. You can crack me open but I am not an egg. What am I??? Coconut is what we are talking...

Spinach Millet 0

Spinach Millet’s variety rice

Ingredients: Millet 150g, spinach 50g(chopped), Cumin seeds 1tsp, Onion 1(Finely chopped), Garlic Cloves 4, Red Chilli powder 1tsp, Coriander powder 1tsp, Turmeric Powder 1/4tsp, Cumin Powder 1/2tsp, Pepper powder 1/2 tsp, Salt to taste,...

Black pepper seed, super food 0

Black Pepper -Super food for weight management

Black pepper boosts metabolism, helps burn calories quickly. Black pepper A review conducted on Indian spices showed that black pepper is found to influence lipid metabolism by fatty acid mobilization. Black pepper is a...

Nutrition Tips to My younger self 0

Nutrition tips I’d give my Younger self

As an adolescent, our body goes through many physical changes – changes that need to be supported by a healthy, balanced diet.   If you’re watching your weight, a healthy balanced diet is the way to...

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